AETH’s diverse membership represents and supports a full spectrum of churches, denominations and educational institutions as well as of cultural, educational, and geographical backgrounds.

Individual Membership ($100 annually)

Individual membership is open to individuals who are involved in the Hispanic theological education in the United States and beyond. This includes pastors, faculty and administrative staff working in schools, colleges and bible institutes, as well as in seminaries and other Christian organizations.

Institutional Membership ($200 annually)

Institutional Membership is open to different denominations, seminaries, Bible institutes, local congregations and other institutions involved in the preparation of Latino leaders.

Affiliate Membership

AETH will grant affiliate status to those bible institutes able to document compliance with the following

Institutional and curricular standards through the process established by AETH’s Executive Council. (Click here for more information)  

As a member you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  1. To be part of AETH’s mission of promoting the theological formation of Hispanic leaders inside and outside of the United States.
  1. To receive support and guidance from AETH in the educational efforts carried out by local congregations, bible institutes and denominations.
  1. To be eligible for special discounts on your purchase of books and other materials produced and distributed by AETH.
  1. To participate at special rates in events such as the Biennial Assembly and the Lecture Series of the Justo González Center.
  1. To be part of online educational programs organized by the Justo González Center.
  1. To have priority access to webinars and online courses.
  1. To participate with voice and vote at the biennial meetings of the organization.
  1. To elect or to be elected in the governing bodies and working committees according to the bylaws of the association.
  1. To suggest topics, needs and areas of work related to the Latino church and community.
  1. To have the opportunity to promote on our website special activities of your local church or institution.