What is the Hispanic Church Database?

It is a database that provides information about Hispanic Protestant Churches, Institutions and Ministries in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada.

There are two main components to the Database:

  1. an online searchable database of local Hispanic churches in each of the three geographical areas, the USA, Puerto Rico and Canada
  2. the PROLADES Document Collection on Hispanic Churches in the USA, Puerto Rico and Canada.

Both of these components were developed by the Latin American Socio-Religious Studies Program (PROLADES), under the leadership of Dr. Clifton L. Holland, in partnership with AETH. This ongoing research and information sharing project is being conducted under the leadership of the AETH-Hispanic Churches Database Committee, chaired by Clifton L. Holland, Director of PROLADES.

What kind of information can you find in the Hispanic Church Database?

Here you can find information related to churches’ ethnic composition and diversity (national origins), theological and denominational diversity, historical origins, organizational growth and development, and current status within the growing Hispanic population regionally and nationally in each country.  By permission only, denominations, students and researchers can have access to a searchable listing of Hispanic churches in each of the three countries, that could be found by denomination, state, name, address and other categories

What is the purpose of this Database?

The main purpose of this database is to provide church leaders and individuals interested in the Hispanic Church in the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico with relevant educational, and communication resources for their respective areas of responsibility and ministry as well as for research. The databases for each of the three countries and the accompanying informational resources constitute an important resource for evaluation and strategic planning within the framework of denominational and interdenominational cooperation.  They could be also used for the development of leadership training opportunities for the greater good of the Hispanic community.

( Resources will be updated as regularly as possible)