AETH's General Fund

This fund is seeking to consolidate AETH’s administrative and programmatic self-sufficiency, supplementing the revenues AETH’s generates through book sales and membership fees.  The goal is to established commitments from donors to rise $100,000.00 a year.

Pastoral Tertulias

Through our Pastoral Tertulias, dozens of cities all over the United States and Puerto Rico have gathered hundreds of pastors with their wives and other leaders to discuss relevant issues and to receive practical advice that make more effective their service to the church and to the communities in which they are. The cost for each Tertulia by city, with the participation of 25 people, is $2,500.00. Help us hold out 10 Tertulias in 2017.

Certification of Biblical Institutes

In 2013, in coordination with the Association of Theological Schools (ATS), AETH created the program Certification of Biblical Institutes that seeks the development and improvement of training programs offered by hundreds of Bible institutes. The vast majority of pastors and leaders who attend these programs don’t have access to formal studies at colleges, universities or seminaries.  In addition, this certification program has opened a door so that people who graduate from programs certified by AETH can be admitted to master level programs in seminaries accredited by the ATS. The annual cost for the implementation of this program is $30,000.00. Help us keep this program available for dozens of programs that are eligible and looking for certification.

The Justo L. González Center for Latino ministries

The Justo L. González Center for Latino ministries was created in honor to the theologian, pastor and Cuban educator of the same name, who is without a doubt one of the people who have contributed most to the promotion and development of several generations of pastors and leaders in all Spanish-speaking countries. Through national and regional conferences, collection of church data and bibliographical resources relevant to Hispanic Church and community, the Center is at the service of students and professors of theology as well as seminaries and denominational leaders. The annual cost for maintenance and development of the Centre is $35,000.00. Help us keep the reflection and collaboration the Center promotes among theological institutions at all levels as well as among Hispanic programs in a variety of denominations.

Publication and distribution of books

Throughout these years, thousands of pastors and leaders of churches of all Christian denominations have benefited from AETH’s publication and distribution of books and other resources, produced by Hispanic people who write thinking about the realities and needs of our Hispanic community. The cost of production and publication of a book is $5,000.00. Help us publish 4 books in 2017.

For donations by check do so on behalf of AETH and indicate the fund you want to donate (E.g., AETH’s General Fund, Centro Justo González Fund, etc.) your donation is tax deductible. You will receive a letter as a receipt for your tax return.

Mail your check to the following address: AETH P.O. Box 677848 Orlando, FL 32867.