Certification Application Requirements (Click here for PDF Version)

The Bible institutes interested in applying for the AETH Certification must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be an active institutional member with AETH.
  2. Fill out and submit the “AETH Certification Application Form “
  3. Pay an application fee of $ 300.00.

Certification Process

1. Preparation for certification

A. Eligibility

a) Based on the study of responses to the “Application Form” the AETH Certification Committee will determine whether the institute applicant meets the minimum requirements to be eligible to start the next stage of the certification process. Upon receipt of the request this determination will be made within a period not exceeding three months.

b) If deemed “non-eligible”, the institute will receive feedback explaining areas of opportunity that require work and improvement to achieve eligibility. AETH will provide guidance to institutes seeking assistance for work in these areas.

B. Evaluation Process

a) Once a school is deemed eligible, the AETH Certification Committee will send a document to perform a self-evaluation in the light of educational and institutional standards established by AETH and approved by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS). This evaluation must be completed and sent back to the Committee within a period not exceeding six months from the date you receive the self-assessment document.  A $700.00 fee is required for the review which should be send with the self-evaluation document. During this period AETH will provide guidance to help bible institutes during this stage.

b) After receiving the self-assessment, the AETH Certification Committee will have up to three months to determine if the Bible Institute meets the minimum certification standards established by the Committee and is ready for the next stage of the process.

i. If so, the Committee will inform the school on actions required to start the verification stage and make any necessary recommendations to ensure the best results in its implementation.

ii. If not, the Committee will provide an assessment of areas for improvement to meet minimum certification standards. In this case, if requested, AETH will provide the curricular and pedagogical support for the institute to successfully complete the institutional self-assessment within a period not exceeding one year.


2. Verifying certification standards

A. AETH will appoint an Evaluation Team (2-3 people) to visit the institutes ready and approved to enter this verification stage.   At this time, the bible institute should pay the $2,500.00 verification visit fee.  During this visit AETH will identify both strengths and areas for improvement in relation to institutional and educational standards required for the certification.

B. Once the Evaluation Team has completed its visit, it will send its report to the AETH Certification Committee with Its findings and recommendations to grant or withhold certification.

a) In case of a positive recommendation, the Bible school will wait for the final decision to be taken by both the Committee and the Executive Council of AETH, as explained in the final stage.

b) If not, the Committee will send feedback to the Bible Institute on the areas to be completed and / or improved to meet the standards set for certification. In this case, AETH will provide administrative, curricular and pedagogical support for the institute to successfully complete the self-assessment within a period not exceeding six months.  A second visit by a member of the Evaluation Team may be required. The fee for this visit will be $1,000.00.

C. The visit and the report thereon shall be completed within a period not exceeding three months from the date the Bible Institute submitted its self-assessment.


3. Decision on granting certification

A. Based on the report and recommendation by the Evaluation Team, the Certification Committee must approve, within one month, the certification of the Bible Institute under consideration and submit its recommendation to the AETH Executive Council for approval and issuance. AETH Executive Council will make its final decision within 45 days of receiving the recommendation of the Certification Committee.

B. Once approved and granted certification by the Board, it shall notify all relevant organizations and groups on the new status of “AETH Certified Bible Institute” (i.e. AETH members, denominational offices, ATS, and others).

C. The status of “AETH Certified Bible Institute” specifies the particular program that has been certified by AETH. This status is valid for three years during which the certified institute will be required to file an annual report along with an annual fee of $1,000.00. After three years the whole Bible school should retain his status for another three years, completing the steps 1.B, 2.A and 2.B above.

D. After the first renewal (which is for three years), the status of “Bible Institute Certificate” will be for five years, and will henceforth need revalidation every five years.

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Note:  Fees for the different aspects of the certification process and status are subject to change.