Who are we?

We a private not-for-profit organization whose members are people committed and engaged in the development and improvement of theological education for the Hispanic Christian community.

What is our passion?

We exist because we share the call and the passion to promote the formation of Hispanic leadership so that the whole community is positively impacted with the relevance and excellence of the service of its leaders. For this reason we seek:

  • to promote the excellence of Hispanic theological formation;
  • to extend the formation of pastoral leadership to all who have a vocation to serve the Lord by means service to the neighbor on the basis of the initiatives of churches and other faith-based institutions;
  • to interconnect the various Christian education organizations, churches, and denominational entities for the benefit and continuous improvement of theological education;
  • to project our service in the Hispanic community in such a way that our relations extend to all churches and entities that promote the well-being of everyone in society.


We carry out our mission as followers of Jesus Christ, and in collaboration with all persons and organizations committed to deepening the quality, impact and outreach of Hispanic theological education. The vision with which we work has in perspective the entire church, with all its diversity in its understanding of its life and its mission, with all its doctrinal and organizational diversity, and with all its ethnic and socio-cultural diversity.

Taking as our starting point our faith in Jesus Christ and the hope that his message gives us, the biblical and theological perspectives from which we look at the future, work together in mission, and seek to serve the entire church are the following:

  1. God owns the entire creation and has given humans stewardship over it.
  2. Although humans seek to generate well-being, their own will takes precedence over the will of God, thus producing rupture and much pain, interpersonal as well as global.
  3. God has revealed Jesus Christ, the author of life, as the model and alternative for a new and full life.
  4. The Kingdom of God, revealed in Jesus Christ, is the context in which humans taste and experience the fullness of life.
  5. The church, sign of the Kingdom of God, sustained by the Holy Spirit, announces the good news of the gospel, denounces the works that oppose the will of God, and trains believers in Jesus Christ to live as he lived.
  6. The leadership of the church should be able to live and to instruct others as disciples of Jesus Christ, in accordance with his teachings and example.
  7. Members of the church live their lives as followers of and witnesses to Jesus Christ, so that here on earth the will of God is done, cultivating constructive relationships with the whole of creation, with all people, with themselves and, with God.


By reason of its mission and vision, AETH interacts with many organizations that are part of different ecosystems, all related in one way or another with the theological formation of Hispanic leadership.

First, AETH is part of the ecosystem of organizations whose fundamental purpose is to provide services related to Christian theological education such as universities, seminaries, biblical institutes and other non-formal initiatives that also contribute to that purpose. AETH does this particularly, although not exclusively, with those organizations that seek to serve Hispanics in the United States and beyond.

Secondly, AETH is also part of the ecosystem of Christian churches particularly focused on the Hispanic population, which includes independent congregations as well as those connected with denominations, and groups of non-denominacional churches.

Finally, AETH has a key role within the ecosystem of organizations whose function is to assure the quality of theological education and of caring for its development by means of processes of verification of educational and institutional quality standards.

Executive Council


Prof. Martha E. Polo Koehler

Seminario Bíblico Hispano

Chicago, IL


Rev. Dra. Joanne Solis-Walker

Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University

Marion, IN


Dr. Wilfredo Estrada Adorno

Seminario Teológico Pentecostal

Cleveland, TN

Intern Treasure

Rev. Dr. John R Muñiz

New Jersey School of Theology

Jersey City, NJ

Member at Large

Dr. Edward Fraijo Delgado

Centro Hispano de Estudios Teológicos

Compton, CA

Member at Large

Rvda. Felisa Román

Junta Teológica-IBE

Chicago, IL

Member at Large

Rev. Dr. Hector Rodriguez

Consultor interdenominacional

Louisville, KY

Associate Member at Large

Dr. Norberto Dominguez

Universidad Interamericana

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Associate Member at Large

Federico L. Maes

Englewood, CO

Certification Comittee

Rvda. Lizette M. Acosta

Asbury Theological Seminary

Orlando, FL

Dra. Elizabeth Conde-Frazier

Esperanza College

Philadelphia, PA

Wilmer Estrada-Carrasquillo

Centro para Estudios Latinos del PTS

Cleveland, TN

Dr. Michael A. Ortiz

Dallas Theological Seminary

Dallas, TX


Dr. Alvin Padilla

Western Theological Seminary

Holland, MI

Dr. Luis Rivera

Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

Evanston, IL

Rvda. Maritza Rosas Hernández

Instituto Bíblico DDC

Bayamón, PR

Editorial Comittee

Dra. Jane Atkins

New Theological Seminary of the West

Panorama City, CA

Dr. Carlos F. Cardoza Orlandi

Perkins School of Theology/SMU

Dallas, TX

Prof. Maria Eugenia Cornou

Calvin Institute of Christian Worship

Grand Rapids, MI

Rev. David Cortés-Fuentes, PhD

Pastor Iglesia Presbiteriana Hispana Emmanuel

Claremont, CA

Rev. Ricardo L. Franco, Doctoral Student

Boston University School of Theology

Melrose, MA

Elizabeth Tamez Méndez

Nueva Generación3

San Antonio, TX


Dr. Fernando A. Cascante
Executive Director

Ms. Melany Sánchez
Member Services Specialist

Mrs. Marla Ortiz
Coordinator of book sales