The deepening of partnerships already developing and the initiation of new conversations with several of the leaders of theological seminaries are some of the results of the participation of our executive Director, Dr. Fernando Scane, at the conference for Presidents of theological seminars organized by ATS, on December 5 and 7.


Dr. Cascante is committed to rescuing the importance of quality theological education to society and its impact on people’s lives. This aspect was well received by the participants in the workshop “Launching the net to the right side of the boat” in which he talked in-depth about the importance of paying attention to Bible institutes, a component of the ecology of theological education which has not historically been given due attention. In the words of Dr. Cascante, “this experience has been a great opportunity to share about the impact that the collaboration between AETH and ATS is having and of receiving expressions of appreciation and interest about our service in the Hispanic community. This encourages us to continue with our efforts of connecting, collaborating and contributing in everything we do to bring fullness of life to our community.